Be respectful, civil, and welcoming.
No inappropriate or unsafe content.
Do not misuse or spam in any of the channels.
Do not join the server to promote your content.
Any content that is NSFW is not allowed under any circumstances.
Do not buy/sell/trade/give away anything.
Do not use the server as a dating server.
The primary language of this server is English.
Discord names and avatars must be appropriate.
Spamming in any form is not allowed.
Controversial topics such as religion or politics are up to the discretion of the support staff.
Do not attempt to bypass any blocked words.
Don’t ping without legitimate reasoning behind them.
Alternate accounts are not allowed under any circumstances.
No Discord server invite links or codes.
Do not advertise without permission.
Do not role-play within the server.
Raiding is not allowed.
Anything to target specific groups/individuals is prohibited.
Remain on topic and use channels correctly.
Do not discuss hacking or cheating.
Do not link scam websites.
Spoilers must use spoiler tags and be labeled.
Listen to the server’s staff.
Use the appropriate channels.
Trading, selling, begging, boosting and account sharing are not allowed.
Do not converse about adult or non-PG topics.
Only communicate in English.
Discriminatory language and hate speech is forbidden.
Be respectful and welcoming as toxicity is disallowed.
Do not spam messages or emotes.
Be civil, and do not treat messaging channels like a stream chat.
Do not ping staff members for no reason.
Do not mass mention by pinging more than 4 people at once, or randomly ping members.
Encouraging rule-breaking is an offense.
Do not flood chat by having messages exceed 7 lines on a computer screen.
Engaging in message chains is prohibited.
Do not send copypastas.
Using Discord Stickers excessively is to be avoided.
Do not stack more than 5 emotes in a message.
Do not send more than 2 flashing or strobe-effect emote at any one time.
Do not send Discord server invites on the server or in DMs.
Do not send online meeting links.
Illegally distributing unlicensed material is prohibited.
You are not allowed to sell anything here.
Inappropriate profile pictures, usernames, statuses, usernames with profanity, or blank names are not allowed.
Please do not make your nickname “everyone”.
Do not copy or claim other people’s art.
Obnoxious, excessive, or inappropriate sounds are disallowed.
Only stream PG content.
If there is a large group of members silently listening to music, please kindly mute yourself or move to an alternative channel.
Do not play music or other audio through your microphone.
Streaming movies or other copyrighted content is illegal.
Do not send any malicious and harmful links or files, or anything that jeopardizes the security of others.
Leaking the personal information of others is prohibited.
Do not send medically-triggering, strobe-effect, or severely flashing media.
Please refrain from back-seat moderating. If you see an issue, please contact support.
Do not harass, or join in on the harassment of, another user.
Do not post any link or file that crashes Discord.
Do not DDoS or threaten to DDoS other users.
You need to be at least 13 years old to use Discord.
Be cautious when introducing conversations regarding controversial or sensitive topics.
Community members should strive for a certain level of quality in their messages.
Do not request, post, or disclose piracy information, links, or intent.
All content and messages on this server are to be in English, with the exception of common words or phrases at staff discretion.
Community members are free to express themselves openly and give constructive criticism and feedback.
Regardless of age, strive to treat each other as we would like to be treated ourselves.
Please do not contact server members unsolicited.
Please follow the Discord terms of service.
Remain civil and considerate towards other users.
Follow all staff instructions immediately and at all times.
No trolling.
Do not discuss, request, conduct, or advertise real money trades.
Any form of harassment such as blackmailing, doxxing, inappropriate DMs, results in an immediate and permanent ban.
Any sort of discrimination will not be tolerated.
No advertising Discord servers, other programs, websites, or services.
Creating sub servers with the intent of moving our members with the goal of self-benefit is not allowed.
Do not bully or harass another member in any way, shape, or form.
Any harmful material will result in a permanent ban.
Do not share personal information.
We promote diversity and inclusivity and expect your interactions in this channel to be respectful and guided by these principles.
We encourage free expression for all, embrace our differences, opinions, and diverse backgrounds, therefore, debates are welcome while they are based on these ideas.
These rules may vary any time. Moderators reserve the right to warn and ban users discretionally.
Don’t be toxic or mean, including bashing people’s posts unprovoked.
If you’re sharing a link, please include a description (unless the nature of the link is obvious).
Do not impersonate developers, moderators, or other users.
Be kind and respectful to others.
The most important rule of all is to have fun!